Welcome to Shifting

The Climate Adaptation Project

Shifting is a platform for the research and development of methodological and experiential tools for expanding human skills needed to deal with climatic extremes.

The project arose out of the realization and acceptance of a dystopian future, an understanding that the climate crisis is here to stay. Underlying this understanding is the perception that human beings have skills and qualities on which they can rely in extreme conditions, and are therefore able to cope with the climate crisis on a personal level.


Overflow bY Shifting

An interactive fiction experience 

The first outcome of 'Shifting', is a digital, interactive fiction based on realistic climate scenarios and their implications on human life. The current story represents a scenario that takes place somewhere on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and is built from a multi-layered script with a large number of different plots and endings. The experience throws the user into an extreme climatic reality and confronts them with various dilemmas and choices.  The user can navigate within the plot, and influence its development through decisions they take. Each decision shapes a personal profile for each player that is revealed at the end of the experience.


This project aims to empower the participants with a sense of capability of facing a dystopian future, and to raise awareness of the global climate crisis.



Created by Naomi Slaney

M.Des Design and Technology, the Program for Industrial Design
Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, 2020

Mentor: Itay Laniado

Special Thanks: Itay Laniado, Christopher Slaney, Liad Sandman, Amir Rayev, Tom Reznikov, Bili Regev, Tal Nisim, Roni Azgad, Aya Bentur, Irit Ronen, Zohar Slaney, Dr. Romi Mikulinsky, Saron Paz, Eyal Frid, Sarit Youdelevich, Naomi Cohen, Shir David, Neta Halevy, Motu-Design