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How might we discuss climate change in a refreshing way? 

Over the past year I have been reading about and researching the topic of climate change, coming across many interesting, mind-opening articles, organisations  projects and creators. All dealing, in their own way, with climatic issues, this is the world I place this project in. 

Here I offer an external exploration I've collected:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change- Basic information about climate

NASA global climate change

Climig/ database- Organisation

Speculative History (HE)- Interview 

Floating University Berlin- An inspiring community, cultural, artistic project 

Why curiosity is a tool for developing adaptation- Article 

6 degrees - Our Future on a Hotter Planet/ Video

Prepare (He)- Article

Climavore, Food for the new seasons of the climate emergency- Design

See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception- Design, art, theory 

Survival English/ Jiuliana Racco- Art

Designs for an Over-populated Planet, RCA- Design 

Institute of Isolation/ Lucy McRae- Artist

Mitigation of Shock/ Superflux- Futuristic design

Why people aren’t responding to climate warnings- Article

Why everyone is suddenly baking bread- Article

World Economic Forum/ Strategic Intelligence- Inspiration of knowledge


Crisis and Opportunity in a Changing Climate- Article 

Adapting to  rising seas /nytimes- Article

Adapting to  rising seas  (HE)- Article

Environmental Migration Portal-Knowledge Platform

The Hugo Observation- Research, organisation

Global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding- Article

Planet hot- spot report

How Cold (HE)- Podcast

Logic issue 9- Nature- Articles

Developing skills to address climate change in Africa- Organisation, activity

How People Learn to Become Resilient- Article

Changing Our Climate of Denial/ Your Undivided Attention- Podcast